'The good old days' :)

Things are quietening down a little now. So there is time to start sorting out the Chameleon office. It's now over ten years since I developed my last film and made a colour enlargement by a wet process. Now everything is digital. I have dozens of boxes of negatives from events dating back 30 years.

The website is working correctly now.

Problem with payment in checkout

There is currently a problem with the PayPal checkout. Contact me directly and I can send out a PayPal invoice that can be paid with a card.

Area 2b Spring Show - Website problem during uploading

The website has just swallowed some photographs. The show should be on the website tomorrow after I have contacted the website company. Apologies.

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Most old events are available upon request

We decided to have a new stare with the move to the new website. We keep all the events backed-up in the office.

New website up and working & loaded with 2017 events

New mobile friendly website is launched today. I hope you like it?